Bylaws of the WSWSF
Bylaws of the Society

As a member of the Worldwide Society of Wolfram Syndrome Families ( the “Society”) you agree:

1. That the purpose of the Society is to; a) share experience and accurate information with others who elect to participate as members; b) encourage research into the solutions and cure of all aspects of Wolfram Syndrome.
2. To contribute the benefit of your experiences,  as they may be found useful to others in the Society.
3. To respect the privacy of others in the Society by not sharing: a) your access URL with anyone who is not an approved member of the Society or; b) that you will not share information in any written or electronic form with anyone outside the Society, without the prior approval of the executive committee of the Society.
4. That information provided by you  will be shared with other members of the Society which membership may change from time to time.  You also understand and agree that the Society can not guarantee that all information will be maintained in strict confidence at all times.  The information you provide must be considered to be public information.
5. You will not submit information that is copyrighted material to be posted on the web site without an accompanied authorization from the copyright holder.   You also agree and understand that you are solely responsible and liable for the information you provide.  (if you have any question on this point, please seek competent legal advise)
6. That you waive all liability against the Society and all individual members thereof for any information that may be obtained from the Society’s web site.
7. That you are personally responsible for the care and treatment of any and all individuals under your legal charge and you understand that the Society no responsibility what so ever to aid in this care and treatment or the access to information which may assist therein.
8. That the executive committee of the society will consist of three individuals selected by an e-mail vote of the registered members of the Society.
9. That the executive committee will:  a) review and approve requests for membership; b) revoke membership & web site access if a member is found to have violated the bylaws of the Society; c) encourage participation in the Society by the e-mail distribution of newsletter to members of the Society; d) serve without pay for a term of two years and may be re-elected by the e-mail vote of the registered members of the Society.
10. That the bylaws may be changed from time to time as considered appropriate by the executive committee or by a two thirds majority of the members of the Society, provided that: a) all changes are submitted to the last known e-mail address of all registered members of the Society or posting on the Society approved web site;  b) no change to the bylaws shall be considered effective until approved by fifty one percent (51%) of the known members of the Society who respond to the proposed change within thirty days of the proposal distribution or posting.

2007 - Worldwide Society of Wolfram Syndrome Families